We at 4 have consciously limited our specialization to IT and IT-related translations (software requirement specifications (SRS), users manuals, websites, marketing material, etc.). This ensures that by constant communication with IT-experts and study of technical publications, 4 is always up-to-date with the latest trends. This is especially important in the area of information technology.

We have compiled a few questions to help you getting to know us better:
What languages do you work in?
Do you use native translators?
Do you do technical translations? Legal? Financial? What specific industries do you cover?
How much do your translation services cost / What is your pricing policy?
Do you have a minimum order value or minimum requirement?
Do you translate web sites? What do you require from me?
How fast do translators work?
What do you require for a quick turn-around of my inquiry or translation?
Do you offer free sample translations?
We specialize in translations in the English-German language pair. However, we also undertake translations from French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian into English and vice versa.
Yes, we do. As we take quality very serious, our translations into German, for example, are only done by native German translators. For translations from a foreign language (e.g. French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, etc.) into English we use experienced Indian translators with English as their sole mother tongue or as one of their mother tongues.
Although we have successfully completed numerous projects in a wide range of subjects and for a variety of industries, our main focus area is Information Technology.
Based in India, we are able to offer translations at highly competitive rates; our base rates are as low as Rs 1/50 or EUR 0.04. For document translation from MS Word, we charge per source word (Tools > Word Count). So you know right from the outset how much your translation will cost. Expect to pay more for translations from hard copies, PDF files, and marketing material, which requires more than just a word-for-word translation.
We do not have a minimum order value, however, our minimum requirement is 500 words.
Yes, we do. All we need from you are the pure HTML pages, we will do the rest.
The rule of thumb is 2,500 words per day, per translator. 4,000 words is probably the limit (expect your translator to get burnt out quickly if this pace is sustained over a period of time). The use of CAT/TM tools can increase productivity.
Most important of all, we require you to e-mail us the document that is to be translated, the source document. For quickest turn-around this should be in MS Word or Excel format. We further require the desired date of delivery, the name of a contact person and ideally a glossary of proprietary terminology.
Yes, we do. We would be happy to translate up to 250 words absolutely free of charge.